Online Business Accelerator

Rodrigo Proenca

Founder, dorscodingschool.com

With Mani's coaching, my revenue jumped up by 300%!!

Before I came to Mani, I was struggling to grow my business even though I was working very hard and trying to do a lot of things. 

However, Mani quickly cut through the noise and gave me 1 strategy to focus on. As a result of applying that simple strategy, my revenue grew by 300%. 

John Sonmez

Founder, SimpleProgrammer.com and BullDogMindset.com

 One time, I was talking to Mani about a promotion that was not going very well for us. 

Very quickly, Mani gave me a strategy which took me less than 2 hours to implement.

As a result of implementing Mani's 2 hour strategy, we generated an additional $18,500 in that campaign. Brilliant

If you get a chance to work with Mani, you should jump on it. 

3 Components of Online Business Accelerator

Monthly LIVE Group Coaching & Mentorship

  • Live Group Coaching & Mentorship with me
  • Ask me anything about starting and growing your online business
  • I will tell you exactly the RIGHT thing to do at the current stage of your business
  • I will help you get unstuck

Mastermind Community of Ambitious Entrepreneurs

  • Collaborate with others
  • Create your own Mini-Mastermind groups 
  • Learn from each other
  • Get feedback on your business

Monthly LIVE Step-by-Step Online Business Classes

  • Live Online Business Classes taught by me and other Masters of Business
  • Step by Step Instructions to help you implement key ideas 

Jarvis Leverson

Founder, www.themorninghero.com

"The thing I appreciate most about you, Mani is your very quick problem solving ability. You bring your analytical engineering mindset into Coaching. I can spend 10 minutes rambling about a problem and you can give me a solution to that problem in 5 seconds. 

For example, one time, in a 6 minute conversation, you helped me solve a sales problem that was really frustrating me for weeks.  As a result of that 6 minute conversation, I signed up 6 people who are paying me $200/month. That's $1,200/month in additional income from just a 6 minute conversation with you. The lifetime value of those customers will be upwards of over $10,000.... all because of a 6 minute conversation with you. 

Not only that - the 6 minute conversation changed the way I approach difficult sales conversations forever. I now know how to use people's objections to help fuel the sale and also create new offerings. "

Joe Ducard (Dating Coach)

Founder, www.joeducard.com

When I came to Mani a few months ago, the thing I was struggling with was that I was putting out a lot of free content and getting some traffic, but I wasn't really able to  monetize my traffic. 

I was at a point where I was thinking about quitting my business (dating coaching) and getting a normal job. That would have been heartbreaking for me. 

So I reached out to Mani and he had ideas and strategies for me and had a lot of faith that I could make things happen right away. He was very confident about it. 

What I was struggling with was that there were so many options out there.... funnels, webinars, advertising and I was feeling overwhelmed. 

When I got together with Mani he was able to simplify my funnel which helped me tremendously. I was able to take potential clients and get them to apply for coaching with me. 

Another issue I was having was that even when I did get potential clients to apply for my coaching, I was not able to convert those calls into revenue. So Mani gave me some strategies as to what to do on the call to convert the potential clients into revenue. 

I just had 2 training calls today, and got both of the potential clients to pay for my long term coaching right away. 

The calls felt more natural than earlier.... when I was trying to force them into a rigid offer. This way, I was able to listen to them and give them what they wanted. 

I want to thank you Mani for ll your help. I really appreciate your help and your coaching. 

Satya Mallick

CEO learnopencv.com & opencv.org

Before working with Mani I had a very successful consulting business.

However, I hadn't made even 1 $ from my blog. I was planning to do a giant, time consuming kickstarter campaign to launch my course. I was dreading that whole effort. 

Mani showed me that there was no need for a giant kick starter campaign. He showed me how to structure a launch using Email Marketing. With Mani's help, I made $98,456 in course sales within 6 months using the power of email marketing.  

Lakshmi Narsimhan

Founder & CEO www.shapeblock.com

Before working with Mani, I was confused and I felt like I was stabbing in the dark. I was working hard but not really making any progress. I had a full time job so I had very limited time. 

With Mani's help I know exactly what I need to do in order to make maximum progress with the effort I am putting in. I have a very clear sense of direction. 

For example, a couple of weeks ago, I decided to finish writing my book so that I could sell it and make some money. However, Mani walked me through a strategy analyzing tool called "ICE" that helped me analyze if this was indeed the right thing to do at this time.

It turned out that writing the book was not going to help me get to my long term goal. It was just another distraction that I had cooked up in my mind.

Not only that, I am seeing tangible progress in my Blog growth. Before working with Mani, I just used to blog for the sake of blogging and putting content out. My philosophy was "just do the work and it will all work out". 

There were no analytics or numbers involved. I wasn't really ranking anywhere on Google. 

Now,  with Mani's help, I have a content marketing plan and I write for specific keywords I want to rank for. As a result, I am beginning to rank on Page 1 of Google for numerous keywords.

I can see measurable improvement.  

The biggest thing about working with Mani is that he has walked the path of building a successful business, youtube channel and podcast. So he can easily tell me which things will make an impact in the business right now and which things will just waste my time. I can not do that thinking on my own!

The difference between working on the business without Mani's coaching and WITH Mani's coaching is night and day.  I had no clear goal and no clear strategy to accomplish anything. I just knew that I had to improve my blog and build my online presence and build a business around that. And I was just stabbing in the dark to make it all work with no tangible results.

Cancel Anytime. No Long Term Contracts

You can can cancel the accelerator at any time. There are no long term contracts to worry about.

Copyright 2000 Books. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright 2000 Books. All Rights Reserved.