Now, I do 16 hours of work in 6 hours

By working in LIVE Zoom Co-Working Sessions designed to instantly boost productivity by 2X-3X

(using cutting edge research in neuroscience & human psychology)

Join our Global Community Co-Working Together 24 hrs/day (Mon-Fri)

  • Slice Your Work Day in Half
  • Stop Procrastinating & Get Important Work Done
  • No Willpower required to boost productivity

Is this You?

Do you often think to yourself: 

  • I should have been much further ahead in life by now
  • I work so hard but my life's accomplishments don't reflect that
  • I have so much potential... but my time is ticking away

Does the end of your work day often feel like this:

  • I was very busy but I did not accomplish much. I feel scattered.
  • I feel tired and unsatisfied from the day's work. I did not WIN this day
  • I worked so hard.... but I didn't get the most important projects done. 

Do you find yourself: 

  • Procrastinating on your most important projects and tasks
  • Feeling distracted all day long
  • Feeling very busy, but not accomplishing much 
  • Feeling tired and unsatisfied with the day's work
  • Trying yet another productivity idea or system - only to find 2 weeks later that it's not working for you anymore

I know you are feeling this way because just a little while ago, this was exactly my life....

Working hard and feeling stuck.

Feeling tired from the day's activity but feeling like I didn't get much done.

Living a life devoid of all joy.

I got the shock of my life when I heard the fateful words....

"Mani, I want to break up with you," my girlfriend said. 

And then she explained to me all the reasons why she wanted to break up. She said things like:

  • “Mani, you are not spending enough time with me. I don't feel cared for. I feel distant.”
  • “Mani, you are NEVER fully present with me. Even when you are at home, your mind is on your work - you are constantly on your phone, computer and emails”
  • “Mani, you work from 6 am to 7 pm. And then you come home and work again - meetings, emails, phone calls, etc till you fall asleep. Is this our future forever? What kind of relationship is this? I don’t want this.”

I tried to argue with her by saying things like:

  • “I am building a business and that means I have to work very hard.”
  • “I am doing this hard work for our future.”
  • “I have so many emails, projects, team members and communications that I can't just keep up.”
  • “Once I am done with this project, we can go on a vacation.”

None of my counter arguments helped. In fact she only got more enraged and angry at me. She thought that I was not serious about this relationship and it was time to end it. This was a rude shock for me.

My relationship was about to end because I was failing at productivity….

But I was a Productivity Expert!!

My name is Mani Vaya and I am the Founder and CEO of 2000 Books - a book summary portal for entrepreneurs.

In my position, I have literally read, studied and summarized all of the greatest books ever written on productivity, time management, goal setting, execution, routines, habits, brain performance etc. 

At last count, I had read and summarized over 70 books in the domain of productivity and time management.... very few people in the world can match me on that.

 Not only that, I had created 2 bestselling courses and coaching programs on productivity: "Never Procrastinate Again" and "Double Your Productivity by 5 PM Tomorrow".

And here I was... unable to end my work day by 5 PM every day. I was working late every night…. Till I fell asleep. Oh… what an irony!

I felt like a complete failure. I could not figure out why I was struggling with productivity when I was one of the most knowledgeable people in the world on productivity.

Here I was Mr. Productivity.... but my relationship was in shambles because of my inability to be productive. Was this a cruel joke? 

In that turmoil... I had a moment of clarity...

I finally figured out why I was failing at productivity

Not only that... 

I finally understood why every productivity system, course, book, journal, app out there ultimately fails

I finally figured out why most of us struggle with productivity and why we jump from: 

  • one productivity book to another... 
  • one productivity blog post to another...
  • one productivity app or journal to another....

Never being able to stay supremely productive for long periods of time.... always looking for a fix.  

You see… almost every productivity system/technique out there assumes that we humans have infinite willpower and self-discipline to put all the best practices of productivity into practice every single day... every single hour.

And that is what causes all these productivity systems to fail...

The truth is  that our willpower, self-discipline and motivation are extremely fickle and limited mental resources. Here right now... gone a few seconds later.

We are all too human.

Our willpower is a very limited resource.... and not something we can depend on in order to do great work every single day.

Here's the thing: No matter how good a productivity system/routines is..... our productivity is limited by our own humanity: our willpower, motivation, self-discipline and ego depletion.

When you have tons of willpower/self-discipline - you follow the system and get things done.

When you are running low on willpower/self-discipline the system starts to fail on you and your productivity plummets.

So what should we do?

In that moment I asked myself....

“How can I design a productivity system that would eliminate the need for willpower/self-discipline in order to be supremely productive?”

In fact I went a step deeper…

I asked myself:

“How can I use my own human tendencies(my ego) to force myself to give my very best no matter how I might be feeling?”

As I was thinking about it, I thought about working out in the gym…

When I go to the gym by myself, I need a lot of motivation and willpower to give my very best in the gym. 

But when I go to a group fitness class, I need ZERO willpower, self-discipline and motivation to give my very best. I know that if I just show up for the Group Fitness Class, I will end up giving my very best in that class.

WHY? Well, it’s because of people....

  • When you are surrounded by others, you hold yourself to a much higher standard.
  • When you know that people are watching you, you feel energized and motivated to give your very best.
  • When you are around other high achievers, you step up to a much higher level of performance.

So… I decided to build something like a group fitness class - but designed for doing highly focused work on an hourly basis.

And in that moment, Focus Blocks was born.

Introducing Focus Blocks

Focus Blocks are LIVE , Silent, Virtual Group Co-Working Sessions structured to help you eliminate distractions, lock in laser focus and supercharge your productivity.  

Every Focus Block is a 60 minute co-working session (on Zoom Video) facilitated by a trained Focus Guide (with participants from all around the world).

Focus Blocks help you become supremely productive while eliminating the need for willpower and self-discipline. 

How do Focus Blocks Work?

Every Focus Block is a 60 Minute LIVE Zoom Co-Working session led by a trained Focus Guide and has 3 phases:

  • 5 Minute Focus Ritual (led by Trained Focus Guide)
  • 50 Minute Silent Work Sprint (everyone is on MUTE during this time)
  • 5 Minute Recharge Ritual (led by Trained Focus Guide)

Focus Blocks are available 24 hrs/day Mon-Fri and a new Focus Block starts every hour at :00.

You can join as many Focus Blocks as you want. Join other ambitious people from around the world on the same mission as you - to get their best work done!

5 Min Focus Ritual: Trained Focus Guide gets you into Deep Focus Mode

For the first few minutes, your Focus Guide will guide you through scientifically proven exercises designed to boost your focus and get you into your peak productivity zone. 

You will be instructed to leave your phone outside the room and also turn off all notifications and distractions on your computer so that you can do your best work. 

Then, you will make your commitment for what you intend to finish during the current focus block. 

50 Min Work Sprint: You do your best, most focused work

Now, your Focus Guide will officially start the Focus Work Sprint and invite everyone to work on what they committed to. This work sprint will usually last for 49-51 mins.

In order to maximize the power of accountability, we recommend that you keep your camera ON throughout the Focus Block.  

BTW, Everyone is put on MUTE so you won't hear a pin drop while you do your most important work.  

No distractions allowed. Just pure, undivided attention on 1 single task.

5 Min Recharge: Focus Guide ends work sprint and helps you recharge. 

Focus guide ends the work sprint at the end of 50 mins of work.

You report on your progress to your peers and Focus Guide (through Zoom Chat).

And then, your Focus guide will guide you through a scientifically proven ritual to relax your mind and calm your nervous system so that you are ready for your next Focus Block (if you want to do that:)



If you want to do another Focus Block, go Back to Step 1 as often as you want. 

You can do Unlimited Focus Blocks.

The more Focus Blocks you do, the more goals you achieve. 

All you need to do is show up!

The best part about Focus Blocks : No willpower, motivation or self-discipline is required.

All you need to do is show up for your Focus Block and you will automatically find yourself doing your best, most focused work. 

No course to take, no complicated apps, no books to read, or workbooks to fill out.

Results from Focus Blocks are instantaneous. 

4 Pillars of Focus Blocks

Focus Blocks are extremely effective because of the 4 Pillars of Focus Blocks.....

LIVE Accountability

Focus Blocks eliminate the need for willpower by leveraging the power of LIVE, Real-time human-to-human accountability.

  • At the start of every Focus Block, you are required to make a commitment (to your Focus Guide and Co-workers) on what you will accomplish during the Focus Block. This accountability forces you to give your very best. 
  • Because you are on a LIVE Zoom call and your camera is ON throughout the Focus Block, your level of accountability goes up dramatically. You know that others are watching - so you do your best every time. 


Every Focus Block eliminates the need for self-discipline on your part by creating structure for your work hours.  

  • In the past you might have struggled with starting on time but now the structure of Focus Blocks forces you to get started on time. Every Focus Block starts and ends precisely on the hour so there is no room for error. 
  • Every Focus Block is led by a LIVE, trained Focus Guide who facilitates the entire Focus Block following a precise 5-50-5 structure which incorporates the BEST practices of productivity:
    • 5 Minute Focus Ritual
    • 50 Minutes Silent Work Session 
    • 5 Minute Recharge Ritual

Flow + Deep Work

In every Focus Block, we follow a specific protocol that is designed to help you get into Flow State so that you can do your best work. Here are just some of the elements that get you into Deep Work mode:

  • Before you start working, you are required to clarify the specific goal you want to accomplish in that hour
  • No distractions allowed - Your Focus Guide will ask you to turn off all distractions for the duration of that block (Put your phone on Do Not Disturb Mode and put it away from you)
  • Specific breathing ritual designed to get you in a state of intense Focus
  • Specific Visualization practices helped to get you super charged for that work session 

Community Energy

Every Focus Block gives you a burst of motivation when you join a LIVE co-working session with participants from around the world. 

  • When you join a LIVE Zoom Video Call with participants from around the world you feel energized, motivated and charged up. On the other hand, when you are working by yourself, your work can feel lonely and draining
  • During the first 5 minutes and last 5 minutes of a Focus Block, you get to interact with your co-workers and that interaction gives you a sense of community and camaraderie which energizes you even more. 

Science behind Focus Blocks

Neuroscience of Focus Blocks

A large portion of our daily behavior is controlled by four primary neurotransmitters: Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins.

When working in Focus Blocks, your brain triggers the release of these primary neurotransmitters which helps you be supremely productive with far less conscious exertion compared to working on your own.

Serotonin - Calm. Happy. Upbeat

Serotonin is the key hormone that stabilizes our mood and boosts feelings of well-being and happiness. Serotonin makes us feel more focused, happier and calmer.

Serotonin is released when you feel special or important for example when you receive a compliment, or a pat on the back.  

In order to trigger Serotonin release, we develop affiliations with groups of people that make us feel like we're part of something important or something that is bigger than ourselves.

Every time you do a Focus Block, you have a chance hit your goal for the hour and be acknowledged by your Focus Block co-workers and Guide for a job well done.  That acknowledgement triggers a Serotonin release which in turn makes you more focused. 

Not only that, every time you show up for a Focus Block, you feel that you are part of an elite group of ambitious people who want to be supremely productive. And that triggers more Serotonin release. 

By fostering a human connection with your Focus Guide and your Focus Blocks community, you build a serotonin trigger that gets pressed with every single session.

Oxytocin - Distraction Free Focus

Engaging in social bonding/relationships triggers the flow of Oxytocin. Oxytocin triggers us to feel safe and connected.

When Oxytocin is absent, our minds wander and we find ourselves mindlessly browsing social Media, or sending text messages, just to feel a connection. We are seeking safety through connection.

When Oxytocin is present, we feel safe and connected.

When you work in a Focus Block, you are on a LIVE Video call with your tribe and that creates a deep sense of feeling connected. As a result, you have a constant flow of Oxytocin in your system.

On the other hand, when you are working by yourself, you do not have access to that community and that Oxytocin release. As a result, you find yourself lonely.... seeking human connection on Social Media.

Focus Blocks create a real connection with your Focus Guide and other participants.

We do this by requiring our members to greet one another at the start of each session, and to check in at the end.

As a result, working in silence, side by side with your Focus Blocks Community is a deeper connection than most people feel throughout their work day.

Oxytocin release also triggers the release of Serotonin - the brain's feel good hormone.

Dopamine - Endless Motivation

Dopamine is like a surge of gratification that comes from accomplishing a goal, big or small. Dopamine is what you feel when you check something OFF your to-do list. 

High dopamine levels lead to enthusiasm and perseverance; low levels to procrastination and self-doubt.

Most people go through an entire day without feeling a sense of accomplishment from their work and hence they get no dopamine surge from their work. 

On the other hand, every Focus Block is designed to give you a surge of dopamine. 

At the beginning of a Focus Block, you commit to a goal. At the end of the Focus Block, when you accomplish the goal you committed to, you get a dopamine hit. That dopamine leads to enthusiasm and perseverance. Now, you look forward to hitting your next goal in the next Focus Block. And that becomes a self sustaining dopamine cycle.

Endorphins - Push Past Mental Limits

Endorphins alleviate pain, stress, anxiety and depression and help you push past your limits of mental/physical exhaustion. 

A recent University of Oxford study has shown that members of a rowing team who exercised together were able to tolerate twice as much pain as when they trained on their own [2].

As a result, they were able to work out longer and harder compared to working out by themselves. 

It happens because of the Endorphin release triggered in our brains when we are involved in group activities. 

The study says that since endorphins help to create a sense of bonhomie and positive effect, this effect may underlie the experience of warmth and belonging that we have when we do communal activities together. 

Focus Blocks trigger Endorphin release because every Focus Block is a communal activity - during every Focus Block, we are all co-working on LIVE Video Calls with participants from around the world.  

Psychology of Focus Blocks

Flow State

Focus Blocks are designed to get you into what psychologists refer to as Flow State---long stretches of intense focus that:

  • Improve performance [11]
  • Produce intense feelings of enjoyment [12]
  • Improve overall feeling of happiness [13]
  • Reduce anxiety and boost self esteem [11]
  • Improve your levels of persistence [14]

Every Focus Block starts with a very precise, guided 5 minute Focus Ritual that gets you into Flow State using practices such as Micro Goal Setting, Social Commitment, Moderate Time Pressure, Meditation, Visualization, and Distraction Elimination.

Once the Focus guide finishes the 5 minute Focus Ritual, you do 50 minutes of deep work and hit flow state consistently and effortlessly. 

Areas related to the brain's dopamine based reward system are more active during flow state (Ulrich et al., 2014)

This leads to feelings of optimism and hope, positive mood, and feeling energized or motivated (Ashby et al., 1999). In addition, it can reduce feelings of fatigue or discomfort . Flow states also lead to improvements in intrinsic motivation, and relentless dedication to a task.

In 2008, for example, Johns Hopkins neuroscientist Charles Limb used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to examine people in flow state. He found the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, an area of the brain best known for self-monitoring (inner critic), deactivated. [16]

Self-monitoring is the voice of doubt - our inner critic. When the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex goes quiet, your inner critic is cut off.

The result is liberation. We act without hesitation. Creativity becomes more free-flowing, risk taking becomes less frightening, and the combination lets us achieve breakthrough results. 


Real-Time Human Accountability (Productivity Up: +230%)

Being accountable to ourselves is hard. It is very easy to let ourselves off the hook. 

Studies have shown that the single biggest driver of accountability is other people.

That is why,  in every Focus Block, you are accountable to your group to get your most important work done without any distractions - In Real Time. 

We add an additional level of real-time human accountability by recommending that you leave your camera ON throughout the Focus Block. 

This real time human accountability forces you to work on your commitments and get your most important work done no matter how little willpower you have. 

Within the ADHD community, “body doubling” (having someone else sit quietly with you while you work) is a popular practice for getting tough tasks done. [17]

One study showed that our performance goes up by 230% if we are being held accountable to others (compared to working by ourselves) [18]

Implementation Intentions (Productivity Up: +91%)

When you work by yourself, it is easy to do "stuff" and feel busy - while not working on what is truly important. You do a lot of things - but at the end of the day it feels like you didn't make much progress. 

The cure to this is using Implementation Intentions. 

An implementation Intention is a plan you make beforehand about where and when you will act on a specific goal/task. 

Studies show that our chances of following through on our goals/tasks go up by nearly 91% with clear implementation intentions [5] [19].

Focus Blocks have multiple layers of Implementation Intention built it. 

When you schedule a Focus Block, you create an implementation intention about precisely when you will do a certain task. 

Not only that, during a Focus block, when you commit to doing a specific task you strengthen your implementation intention even further.  

That Intentionality forces you to focus and dramatically increases your productivity.

Moderate Time Pressure (Higher Creativity)

Teresa Amabile's research at Harvard University shows that having time pressure leads to much higher levels of productivity [20].

Not only that, when people have low to moderate time pressure, people are the most productive and the most creative. 

That is why every Focus Block has a precise 50 minute Deep Focus Work Sprint. 

Knowing that you have 50 minutes to complete a certain task puts you under a low to moderate time pressure which allows you to do your best, most focused and creative work.

Social Pressure (Productivity Up: +32%)

When you are working by yourself, it is easy to allow your energy or mood or feelings to dictate whether you will do your best, most focused work or just waste time.  

But when you are surrounded by a community of other ambitious people - ALL working on their important work, you summon the energy and motivation to get your most important and difficult work done. 

We place heightened demands on ourselves when are in the presence of others.  

We do this to fulfill certain implicit and explicit expectations and achieve social acceptance.

Research shows that the mere presence of another person improves human performance by up to 32 percent. [7]

Every Focus Block has several layers of Social Pressure built-in. 

At the most basic level, you are on a Video Call with your Focus Guide and other ambitious people from around the world. That forces you to step up and bring your best self every single time. 

Next is the specific intention you set with your group. You now feel the pressure to fulfill that expectation you set for yourself. 

Also, you have a desire to be liked and respected by your Focus Blocks peers. This drives you to even higher levels of performance.

Pre-Commitment (Procrastination down: -70%)

Pre-commitment is making a commitment to a task or goal in advance. Pre-commitment dramatically improves our chances of following through on our goals. [1][3]

Without Focus Blocks, you might have a generic commitment with yourself to work between the time you wake up and the time you go to bed. 

However, every Focus Block session is a specific and concrete commitment – when you book a Monday 7 am session you're essentially saying, "I commit to start working at 7 AM sharp on Monday".  Not sometime around 7 am. Not sometime in the morning. Not at 7:08 AM.  

That is because every Focus Block starts and ends precisely ON the hour. If you are late by even 1 minute, you will not be able to join the ongoing Focus Block and you will have to wait for the next one. Hence every Focus Block creates an externally imposed deadline for you.  

A 2002 Research by Dan Ariely at MIT showed that externally imposed deadlines are far more effective than self imposed deadlines when it comes to eliminating procrastination [4].

On cognitively demanding tasks, externally imposed deadlines can reduce procrastination by nearly 70% and increase work output by nearly 30%. 


No Distractions Allowed

A research study at University of California, Irvine showed that when someone is distracted, it takes them 23 minutes and 14 seconds to get back to the same level of Focus as before the distraction [21]. 

In other words, those 30 seconds to check Email or News aren't just 30 seconds of waste. Its more like 23 minutes and 44 seconds of waste. 

That is why we do not allow ANY distractions during a Focus Block. 

During the 5 Minute Focus Ritual, we ask you to put your Phone on Do Not Disturb Mode and keep it away from you(in another room if possible).

One study showed that just by having our phones around us decreases our Active IQ by 10 points. [22]

We also ask you turn off all notifications on your computer (Messenger, Email, Slack etc - ALL OFF).

We recommend that you shut down all other windows and tabs you don't need. 

We recommend that you let your family/household member know that you are in your Focus Block (meeting) so they won't disturb you. (A lot of our members use the LIVE Focus Blocks Zoom window to show to their family members/colleagues that they are in a meeting and should not be disturbed.)

Without all these distractions, your productivity will soar to levels you may have never experienced before and you will achieve your goals much faster. 

Single Tasking

Most people operate at very low levels of productivity because they multi-task - constantly switching between tasks as they work.

On the other hand, single tasking (doing one thing at a time) has 3 major benefits over multi-tasking [15]. 

  • Our stress levels go down 
  • Our quality of work goes up 
  • Our work output goes up by 85%

Focus blocks are designed to force you to single task every time. During the 5 minute Focus Ritual you make a commitment to exactly what you will accomplish during that Focus Block.

As a result, you stick to finishing that one thing rather than splitting your energy over multiple tasks. 

The end result: Your Goals Achieved (Finally!)

As you do more and more focus blocks, you stack more and more finished tasks and projects on top of each other. 

No excuses, no distractions, just tangible progress every hour. Every day. Every week. Every month. Every quarter. 

The more focus blocks you do, the more you accomplish in life. 

You begin to see that big, overwhelming projects and tasks are just one focus block away from getting crushed. 

You start feeling more confident about yourself and the path you are on.

Now normally, self-sabotage might start creeping in at this point, but you are no longer going about it all by yourself. 

Your Focus blocks are there for you - to keep you accountable and help you get your most important work done on demand. Keeping you on track, holding you accountable, and helping you maintain the momentum and speed you’ve picked up.

The results keep getting better and better over time. 

And so do you.

Imagine your life....

Achieve your biggest goals with speed

  • Imagine finally achieving your biggest business and career goals - because you have an execution system that gets results in half the time.
  • Imagine feeling extremely confident about your business/career and the possibilities ahead…. because NOW you have a secret weapon that turns dreams into reality without all the angst and suffering. 
  • Imagine finally realizing that you don’t have to keep grinding it out for the rest of your life! 
  • Now you have a secret weapon that enables you to get big projects done in half the time so that you can live a full life… and not wait to enjoy your life when you are 70, 80 or 90. 

More Love & Joy in Relationships

  • Imagine finally being fully present with your spouse or your kids.... without the looming pressure of work on your mind. 
  • Imagine finally being able to spend time with your family and friends with ZERO guilt. You won your day.
  • Imagine having a more fulfilling marriage and deeper relationships with your kids because you have more time for them.

A Life of Freedom

  • Imagine getting all your work done by 2 PM every day and then heading out for the afternoon/evening with no worry on your mind.
  • Imagine finally ENJOYING your life every single day... rather than putting it off for "later". We all know that later will never arrive. 
  • Imagine feeling a sense of ease and freedom because you have accomplished everything you set out to accomplish for the day. Now you can enjoy your time as you desire…. You feel free.

A More Fun Life

  • Imagine finally having the time to pursue that hobby that you absolutely love… but never could make the time for earlier.
  • Imagine getting fully immersed in your hobbies without any guilt or worry about not working
  • You know you have earned every minute of your play time and you can truly enjoy them

You are a Winner

  • Imagine falling asleep knowing that you WON the day. You accomplished a lot today and you are proud of yourself. 
  • Imagine getting out of bed - excited to WIN the day in just a few Focus Blocks.... rather than feeling the throbbing pressure of never ending work all day long. 
  • Think of all the people who doubted you….. All the people in your life who didn't believe that YOU could do it! Picture their faces when they see you enjoying your success… while they are grinding it out working 16 hours a day

A healthier you

  • Imagine finally living a fitter and healthier life because you have so much more time for your health. 
  • Imagine finally having the time to workout or go to your favorite group fitness class or hike or walk or run or play your favorite sport every single day. 

Superhuman Productivity is Simply An Appointment In Your Calendar

ONE simple calendar appointment is all you need to double your work output on demand. 

At the core of "Focus Blocks" is one simple idea:

Our precisely engineered LIVE, Deep Focus Work Sprints will help you get 2-3x more done than what you would accomplish on your own.

All you need to do is put a Focus Block on your calendar and watch the magic work. 

What Focus Blocks Customers are saying

"I have been struggling with ADHD since I was 12. I tried everything - courses, seminars, therapy, books etc. Nothing worked. Even ADHD medicines didn't keep me focused.

But Focus Blocks finally gave me the Focus I was desperately looking for all my life."

-Akash Thakkar

Game Audio and Sound Designer at akashthakkar.com

"As a result of using Focus Blocks, I had my highest revenue month in the last 12 months!"

-Kylee Emge

Founder, CEO Shadow Era Beauty Spa, San Diego, CA

Founder, CEO IGotItFromMyMantra Spiritual Business Coaching

"I did 3 months of work in just 2.5 weeks using Focus Blocks"

-Akash Thakkar

Game Audio and Sound Designer at akashthakkar.com

" I have doubled my productivity as a result of using Focus Blocks." 

-James Germi

MD Candidate, University of Pennsylvania

" I have doubled my productivity as a result of using Focus Blocks." 

-James Germi

MD Candidate, University of Pennsylvania

" I have doubled my productivity as a result of using Focus Blocks." 

-James Germi

MD Candidate, University of Pennsylvania

"Now I get 2 hours of work done in 1 hour"

-Peter Roth


"Because of Focus Blocks, I have a lot more FREE time and I am getting a lot more quality out of my days".

-Rodrigo Proenca

Founder Dorscodingschool.com

" Because of Focus Blocks, what took me 4 years was done in 4 weeks!" 

-Peter Roth


"Because of Focus blocks, I enjoy my free time without guilt"

-Avery Pawelek

Software Developer

" I have doubled my productivity as a result of using Focus Blocks." 

-James Germi

MD Candidate, University of Pennsylvania

" I have doubled my productivity as a result of using Focus Blocks." 

-James Germi

MD Candidate, University of Pennsylvania

"Before Focus Blocks, I was always overwhelmed.

Now I approach my work with calm control".

-Yasmina Ellins

Entrepreneur, Maverick DNA

"Because of Focus Blocks, I did 1 month of work in 1 week".

-Aayam Shrestha

Entrepreneur, Online Tutoring

" I have doubled my productivity as a result of using Focus Blocks." 

-James Germi

MD Candidate, University of Pennsylvania

" I have doubled my productivity as a result of using Focus Blocks." 

-James Germi

MD Candidate, University of Pennsylvania

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pay for this? I can work on my own

If you have been able to follow through on all your promises, tasks and projects on a daily basis and achieve all your big goals, Congratulations! Do not buy Focus Blocks.  

But if you are lagging behind and finding it challenging to meet your goals, then come join us to get more focused and disciplined. 

When you join a focus block, you make a commitment to show up and do your most important task for the day, no matter what!

Think of it as paying for self-productivity.

An inescapable human tendency is to disregard what we have for free  -  and that is why it is important to pay for this service. The payment is what keeps you accountable to keep showing up day after day.  

Your payments:

  • Lead to accountability
  • Force you to join the sessions
  • Build self discipline 
  • Give you that push you need to show up and get things done

Focus Blocks are NOT an expenditure. They are an investment into your future. 

What are the timings of these Focus Block?

Focus Blocks run 24 hours every work day: Monday - Friday (You can join at these times from any corner of the world)

Los Angeles Time

London Time

Delhi Time


12 - 1 AM

8 - 9 AM

12:30 -

1:30 PM


1 - 2 AM

9 - 10 AM

1:30 -

2:30 PM


2 - 3 AM

10 - 11 AM

2:30 -

3:30 PM


3 - 4 AM

11 - 12 PM

3.30 -

4.30 PM


 4 - 5 AM

12 - 1 PM

4.30 -

5.30 PM


5 - 6 AM

1 - 2 PM

5.30 -

6.30 PM


6 - 7 AM

2 - 3 PM

6.30 -

7.30 PM


7 - 8 AM

3 - 4 PM

7.30 -

8.30 PM


8 - 9 AM

4 - 5 PM

8.30 -

9.30 PM


9 - 10 AM

5 - 6 PM

9.30 -

10.30 PM


10 - 11 AM

6 - 7 PM

10.30 -

11.30 PM


11 - 12 PM

7 - 8 PM

11.30 -

12.30 AM


12 - 1 PM

8 - 9 PM

12.30 -

1.30 AM


1 - 2 PM

9 - 10 PM

1.30 -

2.30 AM


2 - 3 PM

10 - 11 PM

2:30 - 

3:30 AM


3 - 4 PM

11 - 12 AM

3:30 -

4:30 AM


4 - 5 PM

12 - 1 AM

4:30 - 

5:30 AM


5 - 6 PM

1 - 2 AM

5:30 -

6:30 AM


6 - 7 PM

2 - 3 AM

6:30 -

7:30 AM


7 - 8 PM

3 - 4 AM

7:30 - 

8:30 AM


8 - 9 PM

4 - 5 AM

8:30 - 

9:30 AM


9 - 10 PM

5 - 6 AM

9:30 - 

10:30 AM


10 - 11 PM

6 - 7 AM

10:30  -

11:30 AM


11 - 12 AM

7 - 8 AM

11:30 - 12:30 PM

How long is each focus block?

Each focus block is an hour long and it includes:

  • 3-6 minutes with the Focus Guide to make your commitments and kickstart the Focus Block 
  • 48-53 minutes of uninterrupted focus time where you get to do your best work. Your Focus Guide will keep the time so that you don't have to. 
  • 3-6 minutes with the Focus Guide to review your progress and conclude the Focus Block 

Are there different kinds/themes of Focus Blocks?

No! You get to choose what you want to work on. 

We are just here to keep you focused and accountable to whatever is important to you. 

Why should I do this with strangers?

Simple - being with strangers is you opportunity to be the best version of yourself.

There is nobody here to see you through your past failings. There’s no past baggage! No judgment. 

Everybody has a sole motive - to get their most important work done! 

With strangers there's more seriousness involved…..an added effort to be more professional. You value their time and hence join the session on time/schedule

How many Focus Blocks can I join any given day?

As many as you want! Unlimited :)

How does this help me get my important work done?

When you focus single mindedly on a task with no distractions, you get 2-3x MORE done! 

In a Focus Block:

  • You are away from all distractions
  • Committed only to the task that needs to be done.
  • You get inspired by people around the world who are also committed to finishing their task within that time block
  • You follow up on your commitments - every single day!

Who is this for?

FocusBlocks is for entrepreneurs, creators, developers, freelancers, executives and knowledge workers of all kind who use their brains to create value in this world. 

Focus Blocks is designed to maximize your work output for every hour you work. 

I tend to procrastinate a lot. Will this help?

Absolutely! It is designed for people who tend to procrastinate. Focus blocks force you to get your most important tasks done.

Once you have signed up for a certain Focus Block - you have no option but to show up and start working. So, say goodbye to procrastination.

Not only that, the presence of others will inspire you and energize you to work on that important thing you have been procrastinating on. 

Why should I trust you?

I know... it's hard to trust people and websites online. 

So let me tell you a little more about myself. 

My name is Mani Vaya and I am the Founder and CEO of Focus Blocks. I am also the Founder and CEO of 2000 Books - an online portal that provides summaries of the world's greatest business and self-help books. We have a YouTube channel with over 70,000 subscribers! 

Before starting these businesses, I used to work as a Computer Engineer at some of the largest Tech Companies in the world. I worked at Nokia, Texas Instruments and Qualcomm. You can find me on LinkedIN. 

So many people on Zoom - that feels distracting

Once your Focus guide initiates the Focus Block Work Session, you can minimize the Zoom screen so that you can focus on your task single mindedly. 

BTW, the subtle presence of others inspires us to do our best, most intentional work. 

The idea IS to have many people working so that this creates the mood and tone for you to work too. This is your tribe - you just need to vibe!

With everyone on mute, you will be focused on your task.

What kind of work do I do in Focus Blocks?

That’s up to you. Choose whatever you want to focus on depending on your priorities  -

1. Your most important work 

2. Tasks that you have been avoiding but need your attention 

3. Your highest leverage tasks, which when done, will free you up for the day

4. Ugly Projects you have been procrastinating on

Is someone there to lead/guide the Focus Block?

Yes, there is a Focus Guide throughout the Focus Block.

However, they will interact with the group only during the beginning and the end - right before the Focus Block Work Session and right after it. 

That way, you can focus on your work and not be distracted. 

Am I doing the same thing as everyone else?

No, everyone is doing their own tasks.

Everyone focuses on the task that are important to them.

Is this like a Group Study Session?

In some ways, yes. The peer pressure principle works.

The difference is you are not discussing your tasks with anyone. Instead you focus on getting your tasks done - no distractions of any kind.

Will you pair us up during focus blocks?

No, we will not pair anyone in the focus block - the purpose of focus block is for you to be able to focus single mindedly on the task at hand. Without distractions. 

Is there a contract? Can I cancel anytime?

No, there is no contract.

You are free to cancel anytime. However, our prices will go up in the future so you will probably not get the current pricing in the future. 

Who is this NOT for?

Focus Blocks is not for factory workers, farmers, manual laborers or employees who want to do the bare minimum in their jobs. 

Is there a Guarantee? What if I do not like this?

Yes, we offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. 

There are NO conditions for this guarantee. If you do not like it for any reason, we will give you 100% of your money back. 

Also, there are NO long term contracts. You can cancel anytime. 

Double Your Work Output

  • Join Unlimited FOCUS Blocks to get your work done in half the time
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