Now, I finish 16 hours of work in 6 hours

By doing Super Focused work in Focus Blocks

(Focus Blocks are LIVE Zoom Co-Working Sessions led by trained Focus Guides)

Accomplish MORE in LESS time using Focus Blocks

Is this You?

Have you: 

  • Read all the productivity blogs
  • Studied all the greatest productivity books
  • Tried all the time management journals and apps
  • Bought all the productivity gimmicks out there

But still find yourself: 

  • Procrastinating on your most important projects and tasks
  • Feeling distracted all day long
  • Feeling very busy, but not accomplishing much 
  • Feeling tired and unsatisfied with the day's work
  • Trying yet another productivity idea or system - only to find 2 weeks later that it's not working for you anymore

Why does it happen?

It's because every productivity solution out there depends on your most inconsistent mental resources - your motivation, discipline and willpower.

One day, you summon all the discipline to be super productive. The next day, all that motivation is gone and you find yourself procrastinating on your most important tasks. 

What's the Solution?

To combat these issues, I designed Focus Blocks. 

Focus Blocks are LIVE (online), hourly, human-guided deep focus work sprints with participants from around the world.  

All you need to do is show up for your Focus Block and you will automatically find yourself doing your best, most focused work.

Think of Focus Blocks as your on-demand Focus system. 

The best part is: No willpower, motivation or self-discipline is required. 

No course to take, no complicated apps, no books to read, or workbooks to fill out. 

How does it Work?

Pick Your Focus Block(s)

Identify the times when you want to do your most important work. 

Book 1 Hour long LIVE Focus Blocks from our calendar inside the members area. 

Book as many LIVE Focus Blocks as you like :) Unlimited!

Join Your LIVE Focus Block

All LIVE Focus Blocks are conducted on Zoom. 

All you need to do is show up on time for your LIVE Focus Block. 

Join other ambitious people from around the world on the same mission as you - to get their best work done!

Trained Focus Guide initiates the Focus Block

For the first few minutes, your Focus Guide will guide you through simple exercises designed to boost your focus and get you into your peak productivity zone. 

You will be instructed to leave your phone outside the room and also turn off all notifications and distractions on your computer so that you can do your best, fully focused work.  

Then, you will make your commitment for what you intend to finish during the current focus block. Make sure to commit to doing your most important work. Not urgent, but important.

You do your best, most focused work

Now, your Focus Guide will officially start the Focus Sprint and invite everyone to work on what they committed to. This work sprint will usually be 47-53 mins long.

In order to maximize the power of accountability, we recommend that you keep your camera ON throughout the Focus Block. Keeping the camera on makes you feel much more accountable and forces you to do your best work. 

BTW, Everyone is put on MUTE so you won't hear a pin drop while you do your most important work.  

No distractions allowed. Just pure, undivided attention on 1 single task.

Focus Guide ends Focus Block. Review. Celebrate. Refresh.

Around 47-53 mins after the Focus block starts, your Focus guide will let you know when the Focus Sprint is done. 

You report on your progress (Via Text or on a small breakout group - your choice). Did you finish what you committed to? What would you need to improve/change next time? 

And then you enjoy a refreshing break that is designed to refresh your mind and energize your body. 

This is not your typical break where you check social media and phone. 

Instead, these breaks are scientifically proven to relax your mind and calm your nervous system so that you are ready for your next Focus Block (if you want to do that:)



Go Back to Step 1 as often as you want.

You can do Unlimited Focus Blocks.

The more Focus Blocks you do, the more goals you achieve. 

Superhuman Productivity is Simply An Appointment In Your Calendar

ONE simple calendar appointment is all you need to double your work output on demand. 

At the core of "Focus Blocks" is one simple idea:

Our precisely engineered LIVE, Deep Focus Work Sprints will help you get 2-3x more done than what you would accomplish on your own.

All you need to do is put a Focus Block on your calendar and watch the magic work. 

Why does it work?

Real-Time Human Accountability

It is easy to let ourselves off the hook when we are not being held accountable.  

But during the Focus Block, you are accountable to the whole group to get your most important work done without any distractions. 

We recommend that you leave your camera ON throughout the Focus Block so that you can stay and feel accountable every single second. 

This real time human accountability forces you to work on your commitments and get your most important work done. 

Extreme Intentionality

When you work by yourself, it is easy to do "stuff" and feel busy - while not working on what is truly important. You do a lot of things - but at the end of the day it feels like you didn't make much progress. 

However, in Focus Blocks, you make an intentional commitment to work on what is important. And you commit to working on it for the duration of the focus block. 

That Intentionality forces you to focus and dramatically increases your productivity.

Leverage Community Energy 

When you are working by yourself, it is easy to allow your energy or mood or feelings to dictate whether you will do your best, most focused work or just waste time.  

But when you are surrounded by a community of other ambitious people - ALL working on their important work, you summon the energy and motivation to get your most important and difficult work done. 

You get empowered and energized just because of being surrounded by other action takers. 

No Distractions Allowed

There are no distractions allowed in the Focus Block. 

We recommend that you keep the phone away (in another room if possible). We recommend that you turn off all notifications on your computer (Messenger, Email, Slack etc - ALL OFF). We recommend that you shut down all other windows and tabs you don't need. 

We recommend that you let your family know that you are in your Focus Block so they won't disturb you.

Without all these distractions, your productivity will soar to levels you may have never experienced before and you will achieve your goals at breathtaking speeds. 

Single Minded Focus on what is most important

In the focus block, you work on 1 thing that you believe is most important to achieving your goals right now. 

You do not multi-task. You do not switch between things. 

That allows you to achieve maximum focus and sustain that focus for long periods of time.

The end result: Your Goals Achieved (Finally!)

As you do more and more focus blocks, you stack more and more finished tasks and projects on top of each other. 

No excuses, no distractions, just tangible progress every hour. Every day. Every week. Every month. Every quarter. 

The more focus blocks you do, the more you accomplish in life. 

You begin to see that big, overwhelming projects and tasks are just one focus block away from getting crushed. 

You start feeling more confident about yourself and the path you are on.

Now normally, self-sabotage might start creeping in at this point, but you are no longer going about it all by yourself. 

Your Focus blocks are there for you - to keep you accountable and help you get your most important work done on demand. Keeping you on track, holding you accountable, and helping you maintain the momentum and speed you’ve picked up.

The results keep getting better and better over time. 

And so do you.

The story behind Focus Blocks

My name is Mani Vaya and I am the founder of Focus Blocks. 

I am also the founder of 2000 Books - an online portal where we summarize the knowledge from the world's greatest business and self-help books.

I have personally read over 1,500 of the world's greatest business and self-help books - including the top productivity books ever written. 

As I read and summarized the greatest productivity and time management books, I began to understand why most people repeatedly fail at productivity, despite their best intentions. 

They fail because they try to use their most fickle mental resources - their willpower, motivation and self-discipline to become more productive.  

What happens as a result of depending on motivation and willpower?

One day, you are on top of your game.... the next day you have fallen off the wagon. And then you use all your motivation to "become more productive"... only to lose that productivity a few days or weeks later. And this cycle never ends. 

That is why, I designed Focus Blocks. 

Focus Blocks are LIVE (online), hourly, human-guided deep focus work sprints with participants from around the world.  

All you need to do is show up for your Focus Block and you will automatically find yourself doing your best, most focused work

Focus Blocks leverage the power of LIVE human-to-human accountability to eliminate the need for willpower and motivation to stay supremely productive and get your most important work done. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pay for this? I can work on my own

If you have been able to follow through on all your promises, tasks and projects on a daily basis and achieve all your big goals, Congratulations! Do not buy Focus Blocks.  

But if you are lagging behind and finding it challenging to meet your goals, then come join us to get more focused and disciplined. 

When you join a focus block, you make a commitment to show up and do your most important task for the day, no matter what!

Think of it as paying for self-productivity.

An inescapable human tendency is to disregard what we have for free  -  and that is why it is important to pay for this service. The payment is what keeps you accountable to keep showing up day after day.  

Your payments:

  • Lead to accountability
  • Force you to join the sessions
  • Build self discipline 
  • Give you that push you need to show up and get things done

Focus Blocks are NOT an expenditure. They are an investment into your future. 

What are the timings of these Focus Block?

Currently, Focus Blocks are scheduled for the following times (Of course, you can join at these times from any corner of the world)

Every workday: Monday-Friday

Los Angeles Time

London Time

Delhi Time


8 - 9 PM

4 - 5 AM

8:30 -

9:30 AM


9 - 10 PM

5 - 6 AM

9:30 -

10:30 AM


10 - 11 PM

6 - 7 AM

10:30 -

11:30 AM


11 - 12 AM

7 - 8 AM

11:30 -

12:30 PM


12 - 1 AM

8 - 9 AM

12:30 -

1:30 PM


1 - 2 AM

9 - 10 AM

1:30 -

2:30 PM


2 - 3 AM

10 - 11 AM

2:30 -

3:30 PM


3 - 4 AM

11 - 12 PM

3.30 -

4.30 PM


 4 - 5 AM

12 - 1 PM

4.30 -

5.30 PM


5 - 6 AM

1 - 2 PM

5.30 -

6.30 PM


6 - 7 AM

2 - 3 PM

6.30 -

7.30 PM


7 - 8 AM

3 - 4 PM

7.30 -

8.30 PM


8 - 9 AM

4 - 5 PM

8.30 -

9.30 PM


9 - 10 AM

5 - 6 PM

9.30 -

10.30 PM


10 - 11 AM

6 - 7 PM

10.30 -

11.30 PM


11 - 12 PM

7 - 8 PM

11.30 -

12.30 AM


12 - 1 PM

8 - 9 PM

12.30 -

1.30 AM


1 - 2 PM

9 - 10 PM

1.30 -

2.30 AM

We are actively working on adding more focus blocks, so if you have any time block requests, please let us know

How long is each focus block?

Each focus block is an hour long and it includes:

  • 3-6 minutes with the Focus Guide to make your commitments and kickstart the Focus Block 
  • 48-53 minutes of uninterrupted focus time where you get to do your best work. Your Focus Guide will keep the time so that you don't have to. 
  • 3-6 minutes with the Focus Guide to review your progress and conclude the Focus Block 

Are there different kinds/themes of Focus Blocks?

No! You get to choose what you want to work on. 

We are just here to keep you focused and accountable to whatever is important to you. 

Why should I do this with strangers?

Simple - being with strangers is you opportunity to be the best version of yourself.

There is nobody here to see you through your past failings. There’s no past baggage! No judgment. 

Everybody has a sole motive - to get their most important work done! 

With strangers there's more seriousness involved…..an added effort to be more professional. You value their time and hence join the session on time/schedule

How many Focus Blocks can I join any given day?

As many as you want! Unlimited :)

How does this help me get my important work done?

When you focus single mindedly on a task with no distractions, you get 2-3x MORE done! 

In a Focus Block:

  • You are away from all distractions
  • Committed only to the task that needs to be done.
  • You get inspired by people around the world who are also committed to finishing their task within that time block
  • You follow up on your commitments - every single day!

Who is this for?

FocusBlocks is for entrepreneurs, creators, developers, freelancers, executives and knowledge workers of all kind who use their brains to create value in this world. 

Focus Blocks is designed to maximize your work output for every hour you work. 

I tend to procrastinate a lot. Will this help?

Absolutely! It is designed for people who tend to procrastinate. Focus blocks force you to get your most important tasks done.

Once you have signed up for a certain Focus Block - you have no option but to show up and start working. So, say goodbye to procrastination.

Not only that, the presence of others will inspire you and energize you to work on that important thing you have been procrastinating on. 

Why should I trust you?

I know... it's hard to trust people and websites online. 

So let me tell you a little more about myself. 

My name is Mani Vaya and I am the Founder and CEO of Focus Blocks. I am also the Founder and CEO of 2000 Books - an online portal that provides summaries of the world's greatest business and self-help books. We have a YouTube channel with over 70,000 subscribers! 

Before starting these businesses, I used to work as a Computer Engineer at some of the largest Tech Companies in the world. I worked at Nokia, Texas Instruments and Qualcomm. You can find me on LinkedIN. 

So many people on Zoom - that feels distracting

Once your Focus guide initiates the Focus Block Work Session, you can minimize the Zoom screen so that you can focus on your task single mindedly. 

BTW, the subtle presence of others inspires us to do our best, most intentional work. 

The idea IS to have many people working so that this creates the mood and tone for you to work too. This is your tribe - you just need to vibe!

With everyone on mute, you will be focused on your task.

What kind of work do I do in Focus Blocks?

That’s up to you. Choose whatever you want to focus on depending on your priorities  -

1. Your most important work 

2. Tasks that you have been avoiding but need your attention 

3. Your highest leverage tasks, which when done, will free you up for the day

4. Ugly Projects you have been procrastinating on

Is someone there to lead/guide the Focus Block?

Yes, there is a Focus Guide throughout the Focus Block.

However, they will interact with the group only during the beginning and the end - right before the Focus Block Work Session and right after it. 

That way, you can focus on your work and not be distracted. 

Am I doing the same thing as everyone else?

No, everyone is doing their own tasks.

Everyone focuses on the task that are important to them.

Is this like a Group Study Session?

In some ways, yes. The peer pressure principle works.

The difference is you are not discussing your tasks with anyone. Instead you focus on getting your tasks done - no distractions of any kind.

Will you pair us up during focus blocks?

No, we will not pair anyone in the focus block - the purpose of focus block is for you to be able to focus single mindedly on the task at hand. Without distractions. 

Is there a contract? Can I cancel anytime?

No, there is no contract.

You are free to cancel anytime. However, our prices will go up in the future so you will probably not get the current pricing in the future. 

Who is this NOT for?

Focus Blocks is not for factory workers, farmers, manual laborers or employees who want to do the bare minimum in their jobs. 

Is there a Guarantee? What if I do not like this?

Yes, we offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. 

There are NO conditions for this guarantee. If you do not like it for any reason, we will give you 100% of your money back. 

Also, there are NO long term contracts. You can cancel anytime. 

Double Your Work Output

  • Join Unlimited FOCUS Blocks to get your most important work done.
  • LIVE: Monthly Review & Planning Workshop
  • LIVE: Weekly Review & Planning Workshop
  • Cancel Anytime. No contract
  • 30 Day, Unconditional, 100% Money Back Guarantee

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