Never Procrastinate Again

Using a Simple 5 Step Fill-in-the-blanks System 

It's 9:03 AM on Monday  

You have great intentions of making this your most productive day in a long while. You have a smile on your face. You walk into work. You know you have a big project to finish today. You fire up the computer. 


Instead of getting right into that big project, what do you do? You check Facebook. You check Reddit. You check your favorite news site. You check Emails. You do a bunch of different things but you keep procrastinating on working on the big project you need to finish today. 

As you check your emails you find something you need to respond to. And a small task you need to take care of. And you respond to another email from yesterday.

11 AM

However, the big project is still weighing on your mind. And you do nothing about it. You keep procrastinating. You still have hopes of making this the productive day in months... but those hopes are quickly dwindling away. 

And then you finally get to work. But you are working on a small project that a colleague just requested via IM. You try to finish it up while the Big Project is still weighing on your mind. You check on your most recent Instagram post and how many likes it got. It feels good to get 3 more likes in the last 1 hour. 

12 PM

You work on some other smaller projects.. but you just keep procrastinating on the big project. Even though you know that this is the most important and valuable thing you need to work on. You know that in order to make massive progress in your business/career you need to be doing the best possible job on these big projects. 

2 PM

You consciously know that Big Project is extremely important for you.... but you still don't take action on it. You keep delaying. You are frustrated. You know you are procrastinating and you still continue to procrastinate. 

And the more you feel bad about procrastinating, the more you try to get a break from that overwhelming feeling. So you resort to even more emails, facebook videos, news sites etc etc etc. To get a break from that procrastination overwhelm. 

5:01 PM

You finally work on the Big Project for 47 minutes and do a poor job at it. You are not proud of it. But you did what you could. You were running out of time. 

7:25 PM 

You just got home. You have  a long list of To-Do things this week (call mom, go for a run, check on finances, arrange a dinner with friends) but you decide to check what's on TV because it's been a stressful day at work. You get sucked into the TV. You try really hard to turn on your computer and check on your 401(K) investments but instead you keep watching the TV. 

You know you need to call mom this evening. You tell yourself you will call mom right after you finish watching this funny Video on Facebook. And before you know it.... it's video number 10. Calling mom is still on your mind as you doze off to sleep.

Friday 7:43 AM

The alarms are blaring. You wake up feeling a little deflated. A little dejected. Even though you intended to make this week the most productive week in months it did not go according to your  intentions. Even though you had great intentions... the outcome has been pretty pathetic so far

8:07 AM

You are in the shower and you think to yourself....  "Today is going to be different. Today, I will not procrastinate. Today I will get things done."

You make a long list of things to do as soon as you jump out of the shower:

  • Big Project #2 at work 
  • Call Mom 
  • Improve Investment strategy for 401(K) 
  • Work on Taxes
  • Practice guitar  
  • Work Out 

You have been trying to get a few of your big projects done all week long. But you keep procrastinating on the big projects because they feel overwhelming. 

10: 27 AM 

You are checking emails when you suddenly realize..... I need to work on my Big Project #2.  But you don't feel like working on it yet. It's a little too big to start right now. So you get yourself to work on the Minor Task #17.... just so you can feel like you did something useful. 

1:43 PM

The mid afternoon slump is hitting you. You had a long lunch with some friends and now you feel tired. So you don't feel you are ready to work on Big Project #2. So you get some coffee. And chit chat with some friends. And check Instagram likes. And funny Facebook videos. 

2:52 PM

You finally get to work on Big Project #2.  You start with great intentions of finishing it before the weekend hits. But as you dig deeper, you realize that it is pretty complex. You dig into it but you are not enjoying it at all. It feels like drudgery. You are making very little progress.

So you decide to give yourself a little break by checking Reddit and Facebook. You are down the rabbit hole of social media. 

6:02 PM

You are driving back to work. Big Project #2 is still undone. Now you will have to work on it over the weekend. 

You feel frustrated at yourself for the lack of progress all week long. 

You feel pissed off at your inability to follow through on your good intentions.  

You have a heavy feeling in your stomach.... Is this going to be my life? One useless week after another? 

You did not call mom all week. You did not work on your investments. You did a terrible job at Big Project #1. You did not finish Big Project #2. You did not work on your Taxes. 

You don't even know how your time just slipped through your fingers.....

"Something's gotta change" you think to yourself.  "But let me enjoy the weekend. I will get to this problem later." And just like that... your have procrastinated on your procrastination problem one more week. 

      Does this feel like you at times....

  • You know you need to work on your business project, but somehow you keep watching funny Facebook Videos. You feel like you have no control over your mind.
  • You know you need to workout, but instead you get glued to the TV and before you know it... it's too late to work out. And you are tired. "I'll definitely work out tomorrow," you tell yourself. But wait.... you told yourself the same thing yesterday. And the day before. 
  •  You know you need to hire a new employee, but you keep delaying it because you are not sure if you will be able to find the perfect candidate for this role. Instead you decide to roll up the sleeves and just keep doing the work yourself. You know your business is suffering.... but you are stuck.
  • You know you need to read that business book, but it has been 3 weeks since you received it and you have only read 3 pages. It feels daunting.
  • You know you need to work on an important coding project, but it feels like it will require too much thinking right now. You feel you are not ready for it. So you do something easy like checking news sites and forums.
  • You know you need to call your mom .... you haven't talked to her in 13 days. She is lonely. You feel guilty about not calling her. So you open a bag of chips and start browsing youtube.... to avoid that guilty feeling.
  • You know you need to invest your money properly, but the whole process feels very overwhelming. What if you make the wrong decision? What if you lose money in the process? You have been thinking about investing  for 3 years now... but you haven't started it just yet.
  • You know you need to start eating healthy... but today, despite all your best intentions..... you choose that Pizza instead of Salad. You feel like you have no control over your mind.
  • You know you want to  start your business and leave your 9 to 5. But you are not sure if you have what it takes to succeed at business. You have been considering it for the last 5 years. You keep thinking about it.... while people half as talented as you have built successful business in that timeframe.  
  • You know you need to clean your home.... the dishes are piling up and the kitchen is beginning to stink a little. However, you don't "enjoy" doing the dishes. You hate it. So you keep procrastinating
  • You know you need to practice playing guitar. It is good for your mind and your soul. But right now, you just want to scroll through Instagram and check how many likes your posts have been getting.
  •  You know you need to organize a dinner party with your friends. But you keep delaying it because you wonder to yourself.... "what if it is a dud? What if nobody shows up?" You feel it's not urgent. So you get back to checking a few more news sites.
  •   You have a long list of important projects to complete but you feel you have no enthusiasm for those projects. So you keep waiting for that perfect time when you will be excited to execute on those projects. 

If that is you, don't despair. You can CRUSH procrastination.

Unfortunately, most people rely on motivation to defeat procrastination. But the problem is that motivation is one of the MOST Unreliable strategies to defeat procrastination.

  • One moment, you feel motivated so you clean your place for the next 1 hour.
    • And then you run out of motivation and don't clean the place for 17 days. Dishes are piling up and shoes are strewn all over the floor.  
  • One day, you install a motivational app.... you feel pumped to change your financial situation......  you work on your finances for 27 minutes.
    • And then you don't check on them for the next 6 months. 
  • One day you read an article about creating a workout habit. You feel excited to workout so you buy new shoes and shorts.
    • And then you run out of motivation and don't use those running shoes for 3 months.

Going through these spurts of motivation and then crashing again and again is extremely exhausting. 

Motivation does not work against procrastination. It is not a strategy.  

You see, the most successful people do not rely on motivation. Instead they have mental models and systems to defeat procrastination every time it rears its ugly head.

I know this because I used to struggle massively with procrastination......

I still remember that day when I was behind on my taxes by 2 years. That's right, I hadn't filed my taxes and I was late by 2 years. 

A lot of people complain that they don't do their taxes because they are overwhelmed by numbers. 

My name is Mani Vaya and I am a Physicist and an Electrical & Computer Engineer by education. So numbers don't really scare me.... I actually love numbers. I can play with numbers all day long. 

In fact that year when I was late in filing taxes by an entire year, I was actually working as a software engineer doing very complicated coding and mathematical modeling every single day. 

So why was I late on my taxes? I was obviously not scared of numbers....

What really caused me to procrastinate on something so important? 

I really could not identify a clear answer... I was not sure why I was procrastinating.

And that is the ugly problem with procrastination.... We get stuck because we don't understand why we procrastinate....

Most people struggle with Procrastination throughout their lives 

And until you know why exactly you are procrastinating, you are stuck with it.... for the rest of your life. 

Procrastination rears its ugly head in all the different areas of our lives and we feel helpless when faced with it. 

We try to patch it up with some duct tape solution only to see it break apart all over again. 

The problem with procrastination is that unless we truly understand the root cause of procrastination we stay stuck in its vicious grip forever. 

I was tired of procrastinating on important things all my life.... but when I was late on taxes for 2 years... I decided that enough was enough.

That is when I decided that I would figure out how to conquer this ugly problem of Procrastination. 

I started to read all the different books on procrastination, time management and productivity.  I studied the science and psychology behind procrastination to really understand if it was just me or if everyone struggles with procrastination.

I started to take detailed notes on the most effective ANTI-Procrastination strategies I found. I  applied these strategies religiously .... to see if they were effective or just fluff. 

What I found was that even though there were various books on procrastination, none of them gave me a complete step-by-step Process on how to conquer procrastination every single time.

I am an Engineer and I like Systems and Processes. I am never satisfied with theoretical ideas... I want to make them actionable.   

So.... I patched together all the different ideas I learned from all the books on psychology, time management, procrastination and other areas of self-help.  And I created a system.....

A system for Conquering Procrastination

And I shared my system with my friends - so that I could understand how it was working for them. Only if  a strategy consistently worked for others would I incorporate it into my system. 

Over the years, I kept on refining the system. As I would come across a new book or a new idea, I would improve the system a little more. 

And with constant fine tuning over the last 7 years, today, it has become  the most comprehensive Anti-procrastination system on  planet earth.  

Initially I was skeptical of releasing this system as a course because I was happy running the Book Summary Business and I did not want to complicate things with another productivity course. 

But again and again I heard from our customers... specially customers of the "10x Productivity Book Summaries Package". Turns out that in our survey of 1,000+ customers, Procrastination was the #1 Productivity Problem. 

So, after hearing all these procrastination related complaints from my customers, I decided to release my 5 Step Process to Kill Procrastination. I call this  program.... 

Never Procrastinate Again 

No matter how long you have struggled with procrastination, this 5 step process will eliminate procrastination from your life. 

The biggest key to defeating procrastination is to understand the REAL reasons behind why you are procrastinating. Not the surface level reasons, but the real reasons. 

Once you know the real reasons, you can counter them with specific strategies that I teach in the course. These are some of the most Powerful and Potent anti-procrastination strategies out there. 

However, not every strategy works for every procrastination reason - so you have to be careful in picking and choosing the right strategy for the right reason. Otherwise you will end up frustrated and you will be thinking to yourself "It's impossible to kill procrastination".

That is why the 5 Step process is crucial. 

The 5 Step system will help you understand exactly why you are procrastinating and then it will give you the EXACT strategies you SHOULD follow to combat procrastination in that specific situation.

The 5 step process is like a laser beam that will kill any cancerous procrastination cells related to that specific procrastination reason. 

   In "Never Procrastinate Again" you will learn:

  • The Power of HQ Breaks to kill impulsive behavior
  • The CEO Mode/ Worker Bee Mode - Use these 2 modes to burst through exhaustion.  
  • How to figure out the fundamental reasons behind why you are procrastinating on something so that you can stop it once and for all. 
  • How to make the boring and complex stuff enjoyable so that you will want to do it
  • The DOS strategy to help you get started on your most complex projects right now.
  •  The Dopamine Hack that will get you to take action even when you lack confidence in your abilities.
  • The Joe Simpson strategy - Use it when you are feeling overwhelmed and you feel like something will take too much work/thinking right now
  • The "Burn the Ships" strategy - Use it only when you want to get extreme results in any area of life. I would not recommend using it all the time.... only use it for extreme results
  •  How to use your favorite Music to bust through your slump....it's not what you might think.
  • "Insanely More Fun" strategy that requires you to have more fun in order to perform at your very best every day and week. 
  •  How to conquer the biggest, most difficult projects using the BHUT breakdown strategy

   What's Inside "Never Procrastinate Again" :

  • My complete 5 step system that will kill procrastination every time. [Video Lessons] 
  • The 11 fundamental reasons why everyone procrastinates. This knowledge is crucial for conquering procrastination. [Video Lessons]
  •  The 20 Anti-Procrastination strategies that will defeat procrastination no matter how long you have been procrastinating (This is the most comprehensive set of anti-procrastination techniques you will find on planet earth.) [Video Lessons] 
  • The 5 Step Fill-in-the-blanks Anti-Procrastination Worksheet - Just fill in the worksheet and crush procrastination like a brute force machine.

 12 Live Group Coaching & Implementation Calls (Value: $1200)

This Program is not just about studying some material and forgetting about it. I want you to apply the program and literally kill procrastination. 

So, in order to help you annihilate procrastination, I will be hosting 12 Live Group Coaching Calls where we will address your biggest procrastination problems head on. 

These coaching and implementation calls will literally force you to install anti-procrastination systems into your life. 

-Mani Vaya

Founder & CEO, 2000 Books

Never Procrastinate Again System 


12 Group Coaching Calls

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